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Lea M. Hill is an Author, Intuitive Medium, Energy Healing Practictioner, Autism Advocate, Sacred Geometry Specialist, and award winning Producer of the TV series "All About Autism with Lea M. Hill".  

She connects with Angels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, and Loved Ones on the Other Side to relay messages that help people feel better, live better, and embrace their own truth.

Some of the reasons people contact Lea for readings are:

  • to receive guidance and direction for career, relationships, money, or health concerns

  • to connect with loved ones on the Other Side or those who are living but can't communicate

  • to create a heart-centered connection with children and adults on the autism spectrum

  • to seek understanding of major, and sometimes difficult, life events

  • to get help with making a critical decision

  • to remove energetic blocks and embrace self-empowerment

"Lea has an amazing talent and we are blessed that she shares it with us!  I have received truly phenomenal results with Lea's healing work.  I have been able to gain clarity in times of doubt and unease as well as move forward through some of life's trials and tribulations with more grace and strength than I would have been able to on my own.  I really appreciate Lea's work!"


"I was blessed to "accidently" meet Lea a few years ago during a pivotal time in my life following multiple losses.  She provided me with such a clear connection to loved ones (as well as their sense of humor !) which brought joy and continued connection without the heaviness of grief.   Since then, additional readings have provided me with clarity with career decisions, as well as helping me to recognize and protect my system from the intense energies in the workplace.  Most recently, Lea's reading connected me with higher consciousness to guide me in trusting and following my life path.   What a gift this was, and what a treasure she is ! Thanks Lea ! My monkey mind is finally quiet !"


"I've had my share of readings and you by far facilitated the BEST reading I've ever had.  When it comes to intuition and trying to learn how to listen to yourself, so much doubt gets in the way, which really makes it hard to trust.  I hung up the phone with you without one ounce of doubt and it feels so good.  And I already found the gift from the Angels that you told me about!"


 "Lea, I have had several readings in my life time. You are one of two mediums that I can totally have faith in. After my reading with you, things started to improve. I would recommend you to anyone. You are the real deal!"







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