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BS/Marketing, MBA
Northeastern University
Boston, MA




Host of All About Autism on

Reiki Master

Sacred Geometry Specialist

Level III Melchizedeck Method

Certified Angel Healing Practitioner

Vortex Healing Practitioner

  I am an Intuitive Medium who offers readings for   those seeking guidance and comfort from the world of Spirit.

  My process includes becoming a conduit between this world and the Spirit world for my client's highest good and the highest good of all. I set aside my ego and personality to deliver impartial messages that invoke healing for the client on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

  I am a master level Reiki practitioner and a Certified Angel Healing Practitioner. I hold a BS in marketing and an MBA from Northeastern University. I love what I do and am committed to bringing forth messages, with sensitivity and compassion, for the highest good of ALL.

I am also the author of The Society of Sylphs: How an Autistic Boy and a Mystical Being find their Voices through Human Tragedy, available on Amazon in both e-book and paperback formats. 

The Society of Sylphs is a fast-paced, intense novel about a young sylph (an elemental being of the air) named Luranna, and Eddie, a non-verbal 12 year-old boy with autism. This fantasy novel takes the reader into the clouds to travel with Luranna as she delivers messages to humans, animals, and non-physical beings. Readers bond with Eddie as he struggles to be heard and understood by his family.

One night, Luranna witnesses human cruelty and tragedy. Afterwards, she refuses to deliver messages to humans, but is haunted by the face of the boy who was there that night and seemed to be able to see her although other humans can’t. Eddie had wandered out of the house that fateful night hoping to experience the power of a big storm coming in from the ocean. But he had no idea how close to home that storm would hit.

I am merely the vehicle through which the story is told. And I am honored to be the storyteller.

Lea M. Hill



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